Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With Motionsense One-Handle Pulldown Faucet Review

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With Motionsense One-Handle Pulldown Faucet

​What do you look for in a kitchen sink faucet? Most people choose basic faucets that do not do everything they want, but there are some who want to know that a single purchase will last a lifetime. They want to know that they are buying quality and a style of faucet that will be beautiful throughout its life in their home. Those people often want Moen faucets and many are falling in love with the Arbor Motionsense. To learn more about why it is a preferred faucet in many kitchens, you should take a look at all it has to offer in our full Moen Arbor Motionsense kitchen sink faucet review.

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  ​​Features of the Arbor Motionsense

​This faucet has a high arch spout and a single handle control. It features a pull-down sprayer with Reflex to ensure that it glides easily back into place and will lock securely to the spout.It is available in three color choices. The stainless is water spot and fingerprint resistant. The oil-rubbed bronze creates a look that is rustic, but beautiful and the chrome is classic meets contemporary.

​This faucet is easy to install using the Duralock quick connect system. You simply have to push the pieces together and they lock into place.

​The Motionsense feature enables it to be used hands-free. There is a sensor on the front of the spout that turns the water on when your hand moves in front of it and one on the top of the spout that turns on a two-minute flow of water. The temperature can be preset to ensure that you never have to touch the handle if you choose not to. In the event that you do not want the motion sensor to be active while you are washing dishes or preparing meat, you simply need to hold your hand in front of the sensor for a few seconds. This will turn off the motion sensor.

​When you are ready to turn it on again, you hold your hand in front of it again.

​With the included escutcheon, you can install the Arbor using one or three holes. The choice is completely up to you and should be based on your sink’s style.

​The hose measures a total of 68-inches. This gives you the ability to put the water where you need it the most. It makes it ideal for filling large vases that are sitting on your counter rather than in your sink. It also makes cleaning a breeze.

​It is fully equipped with Moen’s Power Clean technology. This means that the sprayer provides more water pressure than ever while creating less splash. This feature means that you can clean even caked on messes with ease using either the spray or stream water settings. All it takes to activate the different water spray settings is a flick of a switch. As a bonus, if you turn off the water and it is on the sprayer setting, it will return to flow automatically before you turn it back on. This is a feature that is normally not available in a kitchen faucet.

​As with all Moen products, the Arbor Motionsense comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the faucet so that you can buy it with confidence. If you have any issues with your Moen faucet, you simply have to contact customer care to tell them that your faucet was defective. However, digital components are not covered by the lifetime warranty. For those, you have only a 5-year warranty.

​Even with the added motion sense technology and the fact that it is a metal faucet, it weighs in at only 5-pounds. It measures 26.5 x 14.8 x 4.1 inches. It does require 6 AA batteries if you want to take advantage of the motion sensor. The batteries are included with your purchase.

 ​Buyer’s Feedback for the Arbor Motionsense

​In general, people love the motion sensor technology that is included with this Arbor faucet. They say that it can save them water since the water turns off while they are washing their hands and that it enables them to keep the faucet cleaner since they do not touch it with wet hands. Many people rarely touch the knob to turn the sink on. They say that installation is easy to handle, but mention that you may want to have someone holding the faucet in place while someone else tightens the nut under the sink. This will keep the faucet from tipping over before you get the nut tightened. This faucet uses slightly more water at 2.0 GPM than other kitchen faucets. For most people, this is a good thing.

​Occasionally, the motion sensor may need to be reset. You should do this anytime that it stops working properly, but you do need to ensure that there is nothing in front of the sensor when you reset it. In most cases, resetting will fix all issues. If it doesn’t, you will want to consider it a battery option before you worry that it has failed you. The motion sensor temperature control is located on the control box. There are some people who feel that it is inconvenient to have it placed there, but this is a matter of opinion and most people do not mention it. There are also people who have had issues with leaks and they give it a low rating when it could be something is covered by the warranty.

 ​Our Opinion of Moen’s Arbor Motionsense

​We love the idea of a motion activated faucet and we like that even though it has a sensor; you are still in control. You can set the temperature where you want it, turn it on and off as needed, and reset it to try and troubleshoot it. However, due to the sensor placement, you can only install the handle on the right side. This could be a minor problem for some people and we do want to point it out. We like how easy it is to install. We think it is great that the hose is able to reach so far away from the spout and that the water spray setting will reset each time you turn it off. This means that there are not surprises. The fact that it uses so many batteries to control the motion sensor, seems a little annoying, but we do not feel that you will spend your life changing batteries. The truth is; the more you use the sensor, the faster the batteries will go dead, but you should still get a lot of use out of your batteries. In short, we really cannot find any major issues with the Moen Arbor Motionsense kitchen faucet. It seems like a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a high-end kitchen.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Extra-Long Hose
  • Dual Water Spray Settings
  • Automatic Reset on Spray Settings
  • Motion Sensors
  • Set Automatic Water Temperature Setting
  • Reflex Technology Means Hose Glides into Place​


  • Sensor Component Covered Only for 5-Year Warranty
  • Requires Batteries
  • Handle Fits Only on the Right Side of the Spout
  • Occasionally Need to Reset Sensor​