Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Faucet Review

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Faucet

​Moen is a name that, for most people, stands for quality. It is a name that is trusted and one that has been around for many years. Their faucets are designed to be contemporary in style, but elegant as well. The Arbor is a combination of both that goes beyond most all expectations. It offers a lot of features that other faucets do not have and people everywhere are taking notice. To learn more about it, read our full Moen Arbor kitchen sink faucet review.

Customer Ratings:

  ​Features of the Moen Arbor

​One of the nicest features of the Moen Arbor is the Reflex. It enables the pull-down sprayer to self-retract and then snaps it firmly into place. This is a definite bonus for a high arch spout.

​It is available in four color choices to match your own personal style. You may choose the spot resistant/fingerprint resistant stainless steel, the rustic oil-rubbed bronze, a very contemporary matte black, or the beautiful chrome. In all cases, you can expect an elegant design and excellent finish.

​Moen is a product that is manufactured in China. This ensures affordability and quality by most people’s standards. It is approved of and meets all safety requirements for the United States.Installation is easy thanks to the fact that it features the Duralock quick connect system.

​Everything simply snaps into place. It has a very long hose at 68 inches to give you the ability to do all things.

​You can install the Arbor on any sink using one or three holes. The escutcheon is included with your purchase. The hot and cold water lines are also included.

​This faucet comes with the standard Moen Limited Lifetime Warranty for all parts of it. It has a single handle to adjust the water temperature and allows you to clean all areas of your sink or rinse large pots with ease. The handle can be installed on either side of the spout.

​The Arbor uses only 1.5 GPM. This makes it ideal for people who want to help the environment by saving water. However, if you prefer to not restrict the water flow, there is a water restrictor that can be removed before you install it. This is not recommended since more water pressure may increase the risk of splashing.

​This faucet measures 24.8 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches. This means it will stand approximately 14 inches over the counter top and about 25 inches up from the bottom of the sink. It weighs only 6.5 pounds.

​Some internal parts of the Arbor are made of plastic, but the casing is harder metal. It is low-lead compliant and meets all federal and state requirements regarding lead content.

 ​Buyer’s Feedback on the Arbor

​When it comes to trust, many people trust in Moen. They provide quality and style that people love. This is reflected in the 4.5-star rating that it maintains. Most people say that it is a beautiful faucet and that it functions very well in every way. They like the versatility of the handle since you do not have to leave it on one side or the other. Many owners state that the way the hose flows seamlessly back into the spout is exceptional. All they do is guide it a little and the spout takes care of the rest. They enjoy having a spout with a switch so you can toggle easily between spray and stream. It is ideal for people who have a sink style that was never able to accommodate a separate sprayer.

​One person states that they feel the quality control is a little off because the faucet seems to be two different colors in one spout. There are a few people who have had trouble with leaks and internal parts that no longer work. However, if you read through most all of those type comments, you will find out that many have already been using this faucet for years before they have any issues. Beyond that, many of the mentioned issues would be covered by the Moen warranty since it is a defect that develops with normal wear and tear.

 ​Our Opinion of the Arbor by Moen

​The reviews for this faucet are all over the place. Many people seem to both love and hate it. In one case, it is pointed out that there are six pages of negative reviews and buyers should take warning, but in comparison to how many pages of positive reviews there are you will see that there are many more positive pages. We personally think that it has an impressive feature list. We like the lifetime warranty, the way it looks, the great color options, and virtually every other aspect of it. It has a perfect height for virtually all jobs and the extended sprayer makes it even more usable. It comes with an escutcheon so that you can use it if you want to. This is not always something you can find with high-end faucets. Often it is sold separately and we like that it is included. The low flow feature is ideal for many people. It does not seem to slow the water down to the point that you may feel it is taking forever to fill a pot, but it does restrict it. The restrictor can be removed if you want more water pressure, but most people, including us, do not recommend it. The DuraLock installation makes everything about installing this faucet easy to deal with. We like anything that is easy to install. Overall, if you like Moen faucets, you should enjoy the Arbor by Moen. It looks great and will make using your kitchen sink more enjoyable.


  • Multiple Color Choices
  • Features Reflex Technology
  • Escutcheon Included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy DuraLock Installation
  • Low Flow 1.5 GPM
  • Low Lead Rating
  • Ideal Height Doesn’t Cause Splashing​


  • Possible Leaks Over Time
  • Plastic Internal Parts
  • Removing Restrictor Will Possibly Cause Splashing​